My Little Secret To Learn Phonics- Student Book 2

Rania A. Faqusah
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سنة الطبع 2020
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 The goal of this phonics
book is to help children learn the alphabetic principle, the idea that letters represent the sounds of spoken language — and that there is an organized, logical, and predictable relationship between written letters and spoken sounds.
 Learning that there are
predictable relationships between sounds and letters allows children to apply these relationships to both familiar and unfamiliar words and to begin to read with fluency.
 What is phonics? 
Phonics is a method of teaching children to read by linking sounds (phonemes) and the symbols that represent them (letter groups). 
What is a phoneme?
 A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. The phonemes used when speaking English are:
Phonics learning step 1: decoding
Children are taught letter sounds in Reception. This involves thinking about what sound a word starts with, saying the sound out loud and then recognising how that sound is represented by a letter. The aim is for children to be able to see a letter and then say the sound it represents out loud. This is called deciding. This phonics program ( My Little Secret) starts children off by learning the letters (s, a, t, n, m, p, c, r ) first. This is because once they know each of those letter sounds, they can then be arranged into a variety of different words (for example: (sat, may, pat, nip, tan, rat, cat, etc.).